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How to have happy winter hands

www.pexels.comWhile we try to make sure we wear gloves and dry our hands thoroughly when they are wet, life is busy and quite often our digits just don’t get the love they deserve. The problem with skipping basic hand care is that is can lead to cracked skin, sore knuckles and weak nails, which can all be made worse by the cold.

The thing is, when the temperatures drop and the heavens open, our skin is more prone to dryness and the hydration they do have, is often sucked out of them thanks to central heating. We have had a look at some easy ways you can look after your hands, so they are soft, supple and comfortable however low the mercury drops.

Keep things plain
The temptation might be to buy a soap with a powerful scent and rich lather, but both of these factors can dry out your skin even more. Have a look around and go for something which contains hydrating ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Jojoba Oil and remember that quite often, less is more.

Go for warm water, not hot
We often wash our hands in really hot water, but we would suggest you don’t do that. Turning the heat up is more likely to strip your skin of the natural oils it really needs to stay healthy, so go for lukewarm water and completely dry your hands, and in between your fingers, and we think you will start to see a difference.

Remember to moisturise
Hand creams aren’t there just to be used as a treat! Each time you wash and dry your hands, use a moisturising cream too. There is a wide range of products on the market to choose from, but in the winter, a thicker, more nourishing cream or lotion is a good idea as it will offer protection as well as locking in moisture. Again, try to stay away from anything that is packed with artificial scents and go for natural options where you can.

Add an oil
If you really do suffer from skin dryness, why not protect your hands from the harsh winter elements by adding oils into the mix. Shea Butter, Argan and even Olive Oil can be really soothing, but different things work for different people, so do a patch test with several options and go for what works for you. When you do use oil, make sure your hands are dry, then massage a little into your skin, paying attention to your cuticles and nails, as well as the really parched areas of skin on your hands and you may find this helps ease things and brings the softness back.

Nightime care
Just as you look after your face and neck at night, you can apply the same rules to your hands. As you sleep, your skin repairs itself, so this is the perfect time to put hand cream on and as you get your rest, the ingredients can help your mitts and nails recover from whatever the day has thrown at them.

Wear gloves
Whether this is when you are doing the washing up, walking the dog, or doing the school run, always try to wear gloves. Keeping your hands warm and shielded, should help protect your skin and nails and prevent them from drying out and splitting.

Talk to someone
If you find your hands are still getting dry and cracked, and if they are bleeding, it is worth seeing your GP or talking to your pharmacist for some expert help and suggestions.

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Last updated on 13/11/2018.

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