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A Rose By Any Other Name…

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Here at Pure Beauty, we’re passionate about the natural ingredients which are used in the brands that we sell and one of our favourites is rose. The oils have many properties which are highly beneficial to the skin, and obviously the fragrance is second to none, so we thought w’d give you a little look at some of our best products from Decleor, Elemis and Dermalogica which harness the power and beauty of the rose:

Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator

Exfoliating the skin is a fine balancing act of being abrasive enough to slough away the top layer of dead skin cells whilst doing your best not to stimulate or irritate the remaining skin. This gentle rose exfoliator from Elemis contains micro-spherical Jojoba beads that are blended with hydrating Rose Absolute to gently exfoliate the surface of the skin leaving it silky smooth and soft to the touch. It contains rose petal flower water to deeply hydrate the skin whilst being totally free of parabens SLS or mineral oils.

Dermalogica Antioxidant HydraMist

Free radicals are all around us and can exacerbate the signs of ageing if left o attack your skin. Antioxidants are important in the fight against free radicals and this mist from Dermalogica helps to form a shield against these damaging molecules. As well as harnessing rose and clove extracts comfort and refresh skin while hyaluronic acid acts as a hydration magnet to quench dehydrated skin.

Elemis Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser

In order to be properly effective at ridding the skin of make-up and daily grime, some cleansers can be a little drying. However, this cleanser from Elemis is infused with rosepetal water to hydrate the skin while restoring a clean and radiant complexion. It’s ideal deal for sensitive skin, has a light, non-sticky texture and can even be used on the sensitive eye area without causing irritation.

Decleor Rose D’Orient Soothing Night Balm

If you suffer with skin which is sensitive, then night time is often the best time to use a really restorative product as it will have time to soak in without other daily pollutants interfering. This 100% natural, preservative-free balm from Decleor melts into the skin to soothe and restore while you sleep, leaving you to wake up feeling refreshed and repaired.

Elemis Jasmine and Rose Hand and Nail Cream

A beautifully-scented hand cream can feel like a real luxury, especially when it also contains argan oil and vitamin E to intensively nourish the skin too. This hand and nail cream from Elemis contains not only rose but also jasmine to offer a delightful floral scent, as well as white lotus flower milks soften and calm dry and sensitive skin, leaving your hands felling soft and smelling great.

Last updated on 05/06/2017.

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