Top Tips for Avoiding Cracked Hands

Top Tips for Avoiding Cracked Hands
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It’s been a particularly cold February and for many of us, this means only one thing: cracked and painful hands. There are several things that you can do to help your hands to avoid getting cracked and we thought we’d take a look at a few of them to help you to keep your mitts in tip-top condition.

Avoid Extremes of Temperature

Spending a lot of time outside can be a killer for your hands, as can coming inside and warming them up too quickly. Avoiding extremes of temperature can help, so make sure you’re wearing gloves when the temperature plummets and don’t come inside and immediately place them on a heat source.

Wear Gloves

We covered this above, didn’t we? Well, no, not those gloves, we mean gloves when you do housework. Harsh chemicals and washing liquids are one of the biggest triggers for dry and cracked skin on the hands so ensuring that you shield your hands when cleaning will really help.


We can’t state this strongly enough! Using a good hand cream which isn’t all fragrance and no moisture is so important as the skin of the hands is less able to produce and retain moisture than other areas of your body. Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment is a super-rich formula which will absorb into the skin and rejuvenate dry hands, making them feel less tight and uncomfortable and reduce the risk of cracking exponentially.

Avoid Soap

Obviously, we aren’t suggesting that you quit washing altogether because that would just be wrong! However, avoiding hand washes which contain soap could really help your hands. Soap can be incredibly drying for the skin as it obliterates the natural oils and drys the skin out immediately. Opt for a non-soap based mild handwash which will add moisture to your skin, rather than stripping it away.

Keep them Dry
You know how your fingers go wrinkly when you spend too long in the bath or swimming pool? This is because the natural oils in your skin have effectively been diluted and washed away, leaving your skin unprotected. Keeping your skin dry is really important to maintaining its natural defenses so make sure you dry them properly after washing, don’t spend too long with your hands in water and use a little hand-cream after every time you get them wet.

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