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How to get your beauty sleep when it is hot

www.pexels.comWe won’t lie, we love the summer.

Those bright mornings with the birds singing.

The late evenings with drinks on the terrace and friends around the BBQ.

Outdoor swimming and picnics by the river.

However, when it comes to beauty sleep and the heat, we aren’t so keen.

We have some ideas that will help you sleep well even when the temperature keeps rising.

Assess your bedroom
The optimum temperature for sleep is 16 -18 degrees so you need to look at how warm your bedroom gets in the day, as this will carry on at night, especially if there isn’t a breeze. Simple steps like closing the curtains and blinds during the day, can help. Put a fan on in the evening and if you place a bowl of ice in front of the fan, a cool mist will enter the room and help you chill out.

Cool yourself down
There is no point keeping your room cool if your body temperature is sky high. Not doing excessive exercise before bed and having a tepid shower can get your body temperature down and ready for sleep.

If you run your wrists and feet under cold water for a few seconds before bed, this can help cool your blood circulation instantly.

Another trick you can try is to wet your face and arms then stand in front of the fan and cool down before getting into bed to catch some beauty sleep.

Why not soak your feet in cold water for 10 minutes before going to bed? Heat is lost more quickly through your extremities (feet and head) so doing this can help you feel cooler and calmer when the heat is on.

You may not want to wear socks in the heat, but putting on a pair of damp cotton socks before you get into bed can keep you cool and help you sleep as your temperature will go down.

Swap your bedding
While it is nice to get snuggly at bedtime, a winter duvet and heavy pyjamas will not help you get your summer beauty sleep. Try sleeping with a top sheet or thin blanket and go for light bed clothes made of cotton so you are cool and don’t sweat in the night. Putting clean pillowcases in the freezer for a few minutes before you go to bed can be refreshing, so can putting a frozen hot water bottle or ice pack on your sheets.

Flannel power 
Just as putting a cold, damp flannel on your forehead helps when you are ill, it can also help you cool down and drift off.

Mind over matter 
This might sound a bit out there, but meditating as you lie down can help you switch your mind off, stop focusing on the heat and instead listen to your breath and you may then fall asleep.

Keep calm
We know it can be frustrating if you can’t sleep, but the more you toss and turn in the heat, the hotter you’ll feel, and the less beauty sleep you will get. If you really cannot sleep, get up, have a glass of water, run your wrists under a cold tap and when you go back to bed, lie still, meditate and try to get some rest before sunrise.

Remember to drink water 
Hot days and warm evenings can mean you will sweat more during the night, so make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. Keep a glass of water by your bed at night too and by doing these simple things you will keep your water levels up and dehydration at bay.

Sweet dreams from Team Pure Beauty

Last updated on 14/07/2019.

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