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Get up and jump into spring

During the cold, dark winter months we tend to snuggle up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and the remote control and watch one box set after another. As comforting as this is, with spring in the air and the nights getting longer, it is time to shrug off that fleece and get ready for summer.

We have had a look at how you can make health and fitness your best friends, rather than regarding them as the enemy, so you can feel your best you, ever.

Get outside for a brisk walk every day. Walking has a great effect on your health and, if done on a regular basis it can help reduce your cholesterol levels, balance your blood pressure and boost your mood. This is also a natural way to improve your Vitamin D levels, something we know that can be hard in the UK but it is worth a go and you can top up the good stuff with a supplement.

Find a sport you enjoy and do it. Whether it’s a run in the park, a swim at the lido or a kick boxing class, there is something for everyone, you just need to look for it. If you find it easy to sit back with a take away and skip yoga, go with a friend and then you can’t miss it or you’ll be letting yourself and them down.

Instead of having the three traditional meals a day we all stick to, try having more snacks and smaller meals. Go for low Glycaemic Index foods like fruit, vegetables and wholegrains and this will help your blood sugar remain steady and you won’t be hungry and tempted to grab a bar of chocolate or slice of cake at 4pm.

We know they taste good, but if you want to look and feel good we suggest you reduce alcohol, processed foods and refined sugar. Don’t ban them altogether but remember that saying, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips, and you might ditch that doughnut for dates.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid of healthy fats, they are good for you. Foods like nuts and avocado will fill you up without causing weight gain, unless you overdo it of course, and they will also help your hair, skin and nails look amazing.

If you are looking for some food and lifestyle swaps that are easy to make but can have a big impact, we have a few ideas:

  • Ditch the meat and go veggie at least twice a week
  • Park a mile from your office and walk the rest of the way
  • Swap sugar for cinnamon
  • Eat oily fish twice a week
  • Replace sour cream with low-fat Greek yogurt
  • Go sugar-free with tea and coffee
  • Reduce salt and use herbs and garlic instead
  • Ditch the white bread, rice and pasta and try whole grain versions
  • Swap those sweetened cereals for porridge or a vitamin packed smoothie
  • Brush your teeth after eating as way of avoid snacking
  • Eat fruit rather than drinking lots of fruit juice
  • Eat from a smaller plate, yes it works!
  • Swap the bus for your bike
  • Keep a food diary, you will be amazed at what you actually eat each day
  • Broccoli, cashew nuts and peppers will support your immune system and help you avoid infections and mean less sick days.

Add lentils and pumpkin seeds into your diet to improve your mood and remember that your metabolism will benefit from the protein found in lean meat, dairy, peanuts and pulses.

Make sure you drink enough water. Being hydrated is vital for good health and will also keep your brain clear, your skin glowing and hair glossy.

Put a photo of the dress, bikini or holiday destination on your fridge and every time you open the door you will go for the strawberries over the Starmix.

Go on, give these a go and we are sure you will see the difference in no time.

Team Pure Beauty

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