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Get to sleep the easier way

www.pexels.comThe summer has gone which means those body melting temperatures and unbearable nights are no longer with us, but many people still toss and turn unable to get to sleep at night.

Fear not, we have put together some simple tips that we hope will help you to fall asleep and get the sleep you need to get through the day.

Getting into a regular sleep routine
You might not realise this, but going to bed at a different time every night won’t be doing you any favours. We know there are times when you go out and are home late, or nights when you sink into the sheets before Corrie ends, but you might find that going to bed at the same time every night will help your internal body clock get used to a schedule and things may well fall into place.

Think about where you sleep
This is really basic, but if you want to have a good night’s sleep you need to ensure you have a quiet, dark bedroom that isn’t too hot or cold. Clean sheets, no dogs, a fan or open window, blackout blinds, thick curtains, and earplugs are all easy things you can use to help you get the zzzzzs you need. This is also a good time to mention that your mattress needs to work for you too. If yours is old, feeling lumpy or just not doing the job, go and try some new ones out and you might be surprised at the impact this can have.

Be active in the day
Yes, we are talking about night time here, but regular exercise in the day really can help you sleep better when you go to bed. Walking, running, swimming and dancing are all great ways to boost your health, and you’ll find that doing something like this several days a week will have positive ripple effects across the board – including your sleep.

Think about food and drink
You might like tea and coffee, but caffeine really can keep you awake, as can eating a big meal late in the evening, so think about how often you do this and whether these bad habits are disrupting your sleep. This also goes for cigarettes and alcohol, neither of which is going to do you any favours at any time of the day or night, so give them up and feel the benefits on many levels.

Chill out
A warm bath full of bubbles, a little meditation, lavendar oil on your pillow, using relaxation techniques or doing some gentle yoga can all help you unwind so you are more prepared to go to sleep. Jumping into bed as soon as you stop watching TV or finish work, won’t put you in the best mood for sleep, so give yourself time to adjust and then you are more likely to settle.

Find a mind distraction
Sometimes when we can’t nod off, we focus on getting to sleep even more and this can leave you lying awake feeling increasingly frustrated and then exhausted by morning. Don’t allow your mind to wander, instead read a book, listen to soothing music or even start knitting and let sleep follow.

Go screen-free
Computers, phones, screens and TVs might be part of daily life, but they have no place in your bedroom. These screens can stimulate your mind, making it difficult to rest and wind down, so leave them in the kitchen, get an alarm clock to wake you up and go digital free in the bedroom.

Get some help
If you put these things into place and still aren’t getting the sleep you need, maybe start a diary to track what is happening and then speak to your GP. It might be that you need a little more help to get to the root of your problems, but don’t suffer alone as things won’t get better, but they might get worse.

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