Get Ready for Bed with Dermalogica and Decleor

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Getting a good bedtime routine in place isn’t just for kids; it can benefit us grown-ups in many ways too. Sleep is the time when our body recuperates and restores itself, helping to bolster our immune system and heal areas which need it. Much of getting a good night’s sleep is in the prep, so we thought we’d take a look at five things that you should be doing before bed to help you to ensure that you always get the highest quality sleep.

Don’t Overheat

If you take a bath or shower before you get in bed, don’t make it too hot. Although it’s tempting to use hot water to relax your muscles, having it too hot can raise your blood pressure, leaving you feeling dizzy and sick. Opt for warm-but-not-too-hot-water to avoid overstimulating your senses and use Dermalogica Hydro-Active Mineral Salts to relax and unwind tense muscles.

Remove Your Make Up

We KNOW it sounds like a massive cliche and that every beauty magazine or blog rolls it out, but taking your make up off before bed is so important for maintaining good skin health. Removing the layer of make up and dirt which builds up throughout the day will allow your skin to breathe, will stop you from getting clogged pores and will help you to feel more relaxed and ready for sleep. Use Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make Up Remover for best results.

Limit Screen Time

It’s been proven time and again that looking at a screen before bed, be it a phone, tablet, laptop or TV, can actually damage your body’s ability to wind-down. This is because our natural circadian rhythm is set to respond to natural light dimming over the course of the day (a throwback to when we lived in caves) and the artificial light from screens messes this up. It can halt melatonin production and cause insomnia, so if you need something to help you sleep, we suggest reading a book.

Soothe Your Senses

On days when you’ve had a lot to deal with, it can be hard to wind-down, even if you’re shattered. Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil is an excellent product to use if you need a little help in this department as it uses sandalwood, patchouli, lavender, orange and other oils associated with relaxation to help to clear your mind and relax you. Massage a little onto your scalp, use it in your pre-bed bath or add it to your usual body moisturiser for best effects.

Treat Your Skin

Nighttime is a brilliant time to use richer products that you wouldn’t be able to use during the day. The best moisturisers are rich and unctuous, but will generally make your face look greasy and interfere with your foundation. Decleor Recovery Brightening Night Cream is a rich, shea butter-based night cream with will help to add deep moisturisation to your skin, brighten areas of over-pigmentation and regenerate your skin while you sleep.

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