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Get bikini confident

Booking a holiday is easy; feeling like you are ready to get into a bikini can be another matter altogether.

Many of us hesitate when stripping off in front of our partner or doctor, so it is little wonder that the thought of bearing pretty much all on the beach makes us nervous.

Forget crazy pre-holiday diets and fat zapping procedures and instead embrace your body shape and use our body-confidence tricks to look and feel great when you hit the beach and hang out by the pool.

Get a changing room
There are endless two-pieces on the market and it can be overwhelming. The best thing to do is to try them on and see which cut, size, materials and styles work for you. Some women love the support of a halter neck, others look for padding and if the tummy area is a bug bear, high waisted bottoms top the list. Go with what makes you feel confident and not what is on the pages of the fashion magazines and remember you don’t have to buy anything on your first trip.

Scrub up
Making sure your skin is in tip top condition will make a difference to how you feel about it. A full body exfoliation session is an easy way to make your skin look fresh and glowing, especially if it has spent the winter hidden under jeans and jumpers. Use a gentle product that will not only buff away dead cells and dry patches but also help your skin become healthy and hydrated.

Fake it
We all know that baking in the sun isn’t good for your skin but we also understand that a little colour can give a girl an instant lift, so fake it before you go away. A subtle tan can make your arms and legs appear more toned, it can hide the appearance of cellulite and will perfectly set off a white or coral bikini. Whether you go to a salon or do it at home, make sure you exfoliate before, mousiturise afterwards and remember, you still need to wear sun cream, as it won’t protect you from the sun.

Stand tall
With a killer bikini and buff body, you need to think about how you stand to really show off your best bits. Good posture is not only essential for your spine health, but it can help you look totally different from when you slouch. Tuck in your pelvis, engage your abs, and drop your shoulders back from your ears and you will see a difference. Not only will you look taller and stronger but this will instantly make you stand proud and feel confident in your own skin.

Stay hydrated
To eliminate bloating try to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. Add a slice of lemon in each glass and this natural diuretic will help you look leaner and feel even better about your gorgeous body.

Stop comparing
Yes, there’s pressure to look perfect in a bikini, but ignore the hype and the air brushed models on the pages of glossy magazines – they aren’t real – and concentrate on you. Summer holidays are meant to be about sun, sea and stepping away from the stress of everyday life. Celebrate the person you are and love the body you have. We all come in different shapes and sizes and you are beautiful because you are you.

Happy holidays.

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