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Get a hobby that will chill you out

Long days, busy nights and a flow of information coming at you 24/7, can make life pretty stressful and even lead to depression, anxiety and insomnia.

While we know you have to pay the bills, and keep family and friends happy, it is also important to look after you.

So, step away from your phone, put the iPad down and find a new hobby that will let your mind rest and your worries fade away.

Make Music
This might take you back to band practise at school but playing a musical instrument is said to help keep the grey matter alive and stress levels down. Piano, guitar even the high-pitched violin will all do the job, so pick one and get going.

Cook your way around the world
We know clean eating is a ‘thing’ but why not do a little research and start creating meals from around the world. As well as a new focus, you can actually have more adventurous, healthier and more inspired diet.

Whether it’s a blocked drain, broken window or dodgy tiles, we all have jobs at home that need doing but get left for another time. Rather than forking out for a handy man, get some books, find the tools and you’ll be amazed at the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

A spot of culture
Free, full of interesting stuff and often home to a decent coffee shop, museums are a great way to get away from everything. From fashion and engines to trains and archaeological finds, most towns and cities are home to treasure troves that you may have pushed aside for something more modern. Give one a go, you never know what you might find and how much you enjoy it.

Knit yourself happy
You might think this is the hobby for the elderly but getting your needles out and casting on, could be just the tonic you need. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials out there and local groups and as well as using it to help you unwind, at the end of a session you could have a totally unique scarf to wrap up in.

Two left feet?
Don’t let a lack of confidence put you off something that offers so much fun, If you want to learn something totally new, have fun and get fit, why not try a dance class? We aren’t talking about applying for ‘Strictly’ but just getting on the dance floor and giving ballet, tap or ballroom dancing a go.

Marathon moment
If you need an end goal to get you motivated off the sofa, why not train towards running a marathon. Yes, you do need to be dedicated and they take a lot of training, but what an amazing achievement. Maybe start with a charity 5km fundraiser, move onto a half marathon and when the time is right, tackle the real deal.

Get your pens out
Over the past couple of years, colouring for grown-ups has become really popular. The experts believe a little bit of art without distraction can help you relax, refocus and breathe more easily. Well, what are you waiting for?

So, if you need to take time out for you, find something new and get absorbed.

Team Pure-Beauty

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