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Coronavirus (CoViD19) Mitigation Strategy

Coronavirus (CoViD19) Mitigation Strategy

The health and well-being of our Clients, as well as our Staff, is always of the highest importance. It is also very important that we make our Clients feel welcome and comfortable and ensure that they enjoy their treatments with us. We have worked very hard to examine everything we do, and every service we offer to ensure that we can marry the two together. To this end we have arrived at a number of Protocols that we will put in place prior to opening.

Overview of Changes

There are many changes we have made and they are each detailed below with a full overview of each and we would ask that you take time to read them so that you will know what to expect from us.

The main changes we have made to the Salon and they way we work is as follows:

  • We have gone paperless and we are no longer using Record Cards or anything else paper based. Everything will be electronically based and on the computer system throughout the Salon.
  • We will be extending each appointment to allow more time for additional Cleaning, Sanitising and preparation for our Clients.
  • We will not be accepting cash as a payment method. We will only be accepting Credit or Debit Card payments.
  • We will have an enhanced cleaning regime for our high traffic areas.
  • Only the Client will be allowed within the building. We are unable to welcome any other Guests with Clients at this time.
  • All of our Staff are Dermalogica Clean Touch Certified.

We have introduced the following to help prevent infection within the Salon:

  • All Staff, including Emma, have their temperature checked each morning.
  • Uniforms are now only worn within the Salon and are not worn to and from work. Each member of Staff has a Clean Uniform each day.
  • Each member of Staff has their own hand gel with them at all times.
  • We have introduced 4 Hand Gel Check Points within the Salon.
  • We are afraid that we will be unable to offer refreshments during this time.
  • We will only be using Disposable Paper towels within the Salon during this time.
  • We have removed many of our displays throughout the Salon.
  • We no longer offer magazines in our waiting area.

Have a look at our Keeping You Safe at the Salon Video

The main protocols and processes we have put in place is as follows:

Infection of Coronavirus CoViD-19 is made through water droplets which are expelled from an infected person through Sneezing, Coughing or Breathing. These droplets are then carried to uninfected people through touching an infected surface and then touching their face. This is why preventing the spread through catching Coughs and Sneezes and the single most important measure Hand Washing, will be very important in our battle against the virus whilst still ensuring our Clients have a safe, relaxing and welcoming Salon for their treatments.

Keeping You Safe at the Salon Video

Keeping You Safe at the Salon Video Have a look at our video and what you can expect when attending your appointment with us at Pure Beauty. 

Coronavirus Pre-Appointment Confirmation Form

Coronavirus Pre-Appointment Confirmation As part of our Coronavirus COViD-19 Mitigation Strategy we are asking all of our Clients to complete the form below to confirm that they are fit and well and are able to attend their Appointment. Please complete...

Before Your Appointment

Before Your Appointment When making an appointment with us it is very important that we have your correct Mobile Telephone Number and Email Address. This is critically important to allow us to send you: Confirmation of your Appointment. Send...

Arriving for your Appointment

Arriving for your Appointment with Us In order that we can carry out our treatments in a safe and secure way for all of our Clients and each of our Staff it is critically important that you are not late for your appointment. It is incumbent upon us...

Carrying out Your Treatments

Carrying out Your Treatments during your Appointment We have allocated Treatment Rooms to each Therapist to enable us to minimise the risk of transmission between Staff and Clients alike. The room allocations are as follows: Rebecca Megan ...

After your Appointment

After your Appointment Once all of your Treatments have been carried our by your Therapist it will be necessary to make your way to Reception and make payment. The following procedures will apply: Once in Reception we would be grateful if you could...

Enhanced Cleaning

Enhanced Cleaning Our Beauty Salon is always spotlessly clean. It is a central tenet of what we do and how we offer our the high levels of customer service to our Clients. Never the less, during the Coronavirus (CoViD)-19 Public Health Issue we will...

Last updated on 24/01/2021.