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Arriving for your Appointment

Arriving for your Appointment with Us

In order that we can carry out our treatments in a safe and secure way for all of our Clients and each of our Staff it is critically important that you are not late for your appointment. It is incumbent upon us to ensure that we insure we keep the number of interpersonal interactions to a minimum and punctuality is central to this working effectively.

We have always been very forgiving with our Clients and with Clients who are late for their appointments in the past. During the CoViD-19 Public Health Issue we are going to have to be much more vigorous in our approach to protect the Health and Safety of our Clients and Staff and this will sadly result in us being unable to carry out appointments for Clients who are late.

  1. As soon as you arrive for your appointment please wait in your car or outside and give us a call on 01543 547707.
  2. We may either ask you to come into the Salon during this call or we may ask you to wait outside and call you back when we are ready for you.
  3. Please ensure that before entry you are prepared:
    1. Please ensure that you attend your appointment on your own,
    2. unless Parents or Guardians are required to attend in adherence to our Age Restrictions Policy. We are currently unable to welcome additional guests at this time.
    3. Only bring what you need with you into the Salon. Please leave what you can at home or in your car.
    4. Please ensure that you are wearing your Face Mask.
  4. When entering the Salon we will ensure that we open the door for you.
  5. When you enter we will take your Temperature and ask you to apply a Hand Gel upon entry to the building.
  6. The Receptionist will then take you directly to your Treatment Room and Therapist. We will not be using our waiting areas during this time. We are afraid that we will be unable to offer refreshments during this Public Health Issue.