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Carrying out Your Treatments

Carrying out Your Treatments during your Appointment

We have allocated Treatment Rooms to each Therapist to enable us to minimise the risk of transmission between Staff and Clients alike. The room allocations are as follows:

  1. Rebecca
  2. Megan
  3. Lauren
  4. Diane
  5. Alysha

When you are welcomed into the Treatment Room by your Therapist the following procedure will apply:

  1. You will asked to fully wash your hands and your Therapist will wash theirs following you.
  2. Your Therapist will ask you to put any belongs you have into a tray we will provide for you.
  3. During the CoViD-19 Public Health Issue our Therapists will be wearing the following Personal Protective Equipment:
    1. Mask
    2. Gloves (as required or requested)
  4. All treatments will be carried out as normal and to our usual High Standards and none of the fundamental elements will change.
  5. Whilst we define a time for each of our treatments at no point will you be rushed in or rushed out.
  6. During your treatment there will only ever be yourself and your Therapist in the Treatment Room unless Parents or Guardians are required to attend in adherence to our Age Restrictions Policy.
  7. After your treatments have been carried out your Therapist will check to ensure that you way is clear to Reception and will ask you to make your way there.