5 Things to Avoid to Reduce Wrinkles

Wrinkles. They’re something that most people have to deal with at some point in their life, and for many people they’re just accepted as a fact of ageing. There are, however, lots of factors which will have an impact on HOW much your face wrinkles as you get older and by avoiding these things you could greatly reduce the effects of ageing.


Smoking is bad for us in SO many ways, from damaging our lungs, eyes, increasing the risk of several types of cancer, damaging teeth and guns, and obviously increasing the signs of ageing. Perhaps the best way to see the impact of smoking is to compare identical twins where one is a smoker and one isn’t. The photo below shows how the smoking twin not only looks at least ten years older but also has areas of hyperpigmentation and FAR more wrinkles, especially around the mouth.


Drinking Alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption is another classic cause of increased signs of ageing. There are things within alcohol called hepatotoxins which damage the liver, and all alcohol dehydrates the skin, which is why we wake up feeling like a wilted flower the morning after a big night out. Avoiding all alcohol is obviously the only way to stop these effects, but if you must have a drink then opting for clear spirits is better as there’s less sugar.


Leading on from the alcohol issue, a high sugar diet can contribute massively to the signs of ageing.; in fact, some doctors think that sugar is more damaging to the skin that sun exposure! Sugar seems to deplete the collagen in the skin, leading to loose, ill-defined skin which will make you look old beyond your years.


Stress is a double-edged sword; most of us frown and use exaggerated facial expressions during times of stress but the body also releases cortisol which is something which can accelerate the signs of ageing from the inside. Yoga is a good way to minimise stress and to learn coping mechanisms to help reduce the impact of stress on our lives.


We all know that tanning is a nightmare for causing wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, to minimising sun exposure is vital. Use a high SPF or opt for a self-tanning lotion if you really want a golden glow. Also, make sure you use a decent after-sun to repair damage if you do spend time in the sun.

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