The ‘must-have’ summer holiday essentials


You’ve booked the hotel, reserved your seats and are on countdown to your summer holiday and all that’s left to do is pack.

We’ve all done it, arrived in paradise and left that one precious item at home, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

We have the low-down on exactly what to pack so you’ll look picture perfect in selfies and have the best time, ever.

Before you pack, make a list of what you need and once you are done, tick off each item. When you mind is on the beach and cocktails, it is amazing how easy it is to think you have everything, only to arrive and realise, you don’t.

Whilst there might be a spa at your hotel, you don’t want to arrive with your back in knots because you’ve been carrying heavy bags. Go for a smart case with wheels and one in a distinctive colour or style so you can grab it at arrival and head off fast. Remember to check sizes, locks, how sturdy it is and if you can actually pull it along before you buy a new case.

We know, we know, it’s bit geeky but you’ll thank us for suggesting you get a travel wallet. There are some super-stylish options out there that look gorgeous whilst keeping your passport, tickets and receipts safe. Go for an oversized wallet, in a stand out colour and you will never have to pat your pockets at you approach passport control again.

As well as your passport, also make sure you take your driving license, insurance documents, next of kin contact details, visas if you need them, and credit cards. Keep them safe at all times – goes without saying we know, but it’s good to be careful.

As well as taking your mobile charger, also considering taking a power pack so you can charge on the go. These start at around £20 and are a worthwhile investment. Having your phone charged gives you peace of mind and you know you can like, chat and Tweet to your heart’s content whether you are on the beach, by the pool or at the airport.

When it comes to cables, make sure you take everything you need when you go away and put them in a dedicated bag or pouch. Also pack adaptors to ensure you can plug in on arrival.

If take regular medication – pack it!

Flights can be long, and delayed, so be savvy and pack an eye mask, socks, and a small blanket so you can keep comfortable and warm.

Remember that liquids will be confiscated at check-in, so pack carefully or Duty Free could be an expensive experience.

Whether you’re heading to Marbella or going to New York shopping, go for a capsule wardrobe of floral dresses, print T-shirts, shorts and kaftans. A denim jacket, tote, statement necklace and pair of wedges can be worn on the flight and mixed with other items on arrival.

Don’t over pack, roll up jersey, bikinis and underwear, place socks in shoes and got for flats as well as heels.

Sunglasses and hats are a given as is sunscreen! Pack them and use them, your eyes and skin will thank you.

Waterproof mascara is a holiday must-have, and however hard you have been partying, always take your make-up before you go to bed.

What ever you do, keep safe and have an amazing time.

Team Pure-Beauty.

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