Rainy Day Beauty

rainy day beautyDo you ever wake up on grey, rainy days and just feel like doing absolutely nothing but staying indoors and chilling out? Us too, and we find that these days are an excellent opportunity to catch up on some of the ‘bigger’ beauty tasks that we can’t always fit into our every day regime. We thought we’d give you a few ideas of what you can fit in while you alternate between reading in bed and watching Netflix with a bowl of popcorn!


Eyebrows, unless you’re hyper-vigilant, are one of those areas which seem fine one minute and like caterpillars the next, so using your rainy day time to pluck (or wax) them into a perfect arch will allow you to keep on top of keeping them in shape in the future.


Feet are one of the main places to succumb to hard skin, which can build up over time leaving them looking unsightly, and potentially feeling pretty uncomfortable. Use a scrub or a pumice stone after soaking your feet in warm water to remove dead skin and then slaver your feet in a rich moisturiser. Stick on an old pair of socks while you relax to allow your feet to soak up even more of the moisture.


Sitting around with a face mask on isn’t always a priority, but if all you’re doing is watching TV or reading while the spring rain falls outside, then why not indulge yourself? Intensively moisturising your skin will leave it feeling soft and repaired and will allow the rest of your daily-use products to work even more effectively.


Unless you’re the type to have your nails done regularly, there’s a good chance that your nails and cuticles are probably in need of some TLC. Daily chores can dry the hands and leave everything looking a little less than perfect, so why not take some time to trim your cuticles, rub in some oil, shape your nails and give them a coat of your favourite polish?


You may use a moisturiser on your face and body as a part of your daily routine, but do you always take the time to really concentrate on the driest areas, such as your elbows, knees, feet and hands? Use your downtime to slaver on a super rich moisturiser and it will melt into your skin, nourishing and reviving areas of dryness while you do…well, nothing at all!

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