Nail Colours for the Winter Season

Having your nails done, for many people, is one of life’ little pleasure, and there’s no denying the fact that professionally manicured nails make your whole appearance look tidier and more pulled-together. However, it’s often tough to make the choice of what colour you want to go for when faced with a huge choice of polishes, o we’ve gone into our Orly stocks and picked out five autumnal colours to give you some inspiration when choosing your next mani:

Orly Breathable The Antidote

Orly Breathable The Antidote

Nothing say autumn than deep wine shades, and with the huge popularity of mustard in autumn/winter fashion for 2019, this would probably compliment most of your wardrobe, too. All Orly polishes nourish and hydrate to strengthen and grow with argan oil, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin C all in one longer lasting formula, to cut manicure time in half.

Orly Breathable Heaven Sent

Grey is one of those colours which has been huge in both fashion and interiors this year and it doesn’t look to be going away any time soon. This colour from Orly is described as a “charmeuse” colour, offering shimmer and depth, perfect for your nails heading into party season. Also, Orly polishes are so tough, they require no topcoat or base coat.

Orly Breathable Nail Superfood

We’d usually associate bright coral tones with summer months, but anyone who know anything about colour trends will assure you that this is a hot tone for this season. Orly describes ‘Superfood’ as a “bright watermelon cream colour” and as with all of their polishes, oxygen and hydration penetrate to the nail allowing it to stay moisturised.

Orly Breathable Detox My Socks Off

This time of year always conjures up images of deep greens, from Christmas trees to shimmering dresses worn for festive occasions, and “Detox My Socks Off” is the perfect deep green. The great thing about Orly nail varnishes is that they are all vegan friendly, cruelty free, gluten free and offer treatment and colour all in one.

Orly Breathable Fairy Godmother

The festive season would not be complete without a shimmering golden polish for your nails, and this rose-gold colour would look amazing with just about any outfit you can throw together for Christmas parties and drinks with friends. Orly never uses camphor, formaldehyde resin, parabens or xylene, giving you the confidence to know that your nails are still being cared for beneath their colourful exterior.

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