Keeping moths at bay, the easy way

With news this week suggesting moths seem to have an appetite for precious curtains and carpets, costumes and tapestries in some of our most loved historic properties, we thought we would look at how to make sure they don’t get at your favourite clothes.

There are approximately 2,400 species of moths in the UK and whilst they pose no health risks, the larvae of some types can damage the natural materials like wool, cotton and silk and this puts your delicate items at particular risk.

No one wants to find holes in their wedding dress or precious family air looms, so the best thing to do is stop them getting inside in the first place, because once they find a dark cupboard or wardrobe, moths will lay eggs and the damage can happen faster than you can put a dark wash on. We accept that doing this can be hard, but we have put together some handy hints and tips to keep moths at bay in your home.

Use fly screens on your doors and windows and draw your curtains at night to prevent moths getting into your lovely home in the first place.

Check your loft every spring because moths love the bird nests in eaves of homes and will hide out all winter waiting to cause problems.

Clean under your beds on a regular basis and even check those in the spare room as they are dark and cosy, just what moths love.

Hoovering and cleaning your wardrobe every couple of weeks, and keeping the doors open every now and again, is a good way to stop the larvae eating away at your dresses and skirts.

It is also worth noting that moths and their larvae love dirty, sweaty clothes that smell, so only keep clean items in your drawers, wash the rest before putting them away.

When it comes to washing, as well as sorting items by colour, try to wash clothes that are stored in the same drawers or hanging space together too. This will help prevent cross contamination and keep any problems under control.

Lavender bags in your wardrobes and chest of drawers will not only ensure everything smells lush but they will keep the moths away as they hate the smell.

Rather than keep all clothes out, all of the time, change them by season and store in vacuum bags, again with a little lavender as an added moth deterrent. If you don’t want to spend cash on the real thing, you can fold your clean clothes into a bin liner, put the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner in the top of the then seal with you hand and the bag will shrink in front of your eyes. Seal with a hair band or tape and store away until needed.

One way to get rid of damage causing larvae is by freezing it. Put your affected clothing into a plastic bag, seal and store in your freezer for 24 hours. Take them items out then wash and dry them and hang up next to a lavender bag.

If the sun comes out, hang your coats and jackets on the washing line and beat areas like the collar and seams to kill eggs and larvae and breathe fresh air into the fabric. Note, if someone is having a bonfire or BBQ, do it another time.

There are a range of products on the market including sprays and traps, that can be hung in wardrobes and cupboards to deal with small infestations and protect your clothes and fabrics.

Got a tip for moths we haven’t covered? Drop us a line, we would love to know your moth combatting secrets.

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