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Food that will feed your skin

www.pexels.comIf you want your skin to glow, ‘you are what you eat’ is so very true.

Yes, it is important to have a good beauty regime in place and be sure to have facials when you can, but you need to feed your skin well if you want it to stay soft, supple, younger looking and even blemish-free.

We have had a look at some of the foods that can help you have your best skin whatever your age.

Brazil nuts
Some people steer clear of nuts because they contain fat, but they also come with a healthy serving of selenium which helps improve skin elasticity and can relieve redness and inflammation. It also helps the formation of glutathione, which neutralises the free radicals that cause acne. Just a couple of brazil nuts a day are all you need, so buy some the next time you are shopping and enjoy them.

Blueberries and blackberries
Blueberries and blackberries not only taste amazing but these little gems are oozing with the antioxidants that can keep skin clear from spots. Eat them on their own, add to porridge, blend in smoothies or make colourful fruit kebabs and have as a mid-afternoon snack – what’s not to like?

Carrots are packed full of the vitamin A and antioxidants that can make your skin look healthy and glowing. Other good sources of skin loving vitamin A rich foods include kale, sweet potatoes, and mangos which are all delicious, healthy and super easy to add into your daily diet.

Broccoli and cauliflower
Broccoli and cauliflower might seem like simple staples, but they both contain glucoraphanin which is great at easing inflamed sun damaged skin and can help keep age spots from appearing. Add to any meal, eat raw with dips and even add to tasty stir fries, whatever you do, eat them.

We know people shy away from fats, but omega-3 fatty acids are really good for your skin and overall health too. Not only are they are a natural moisturiser, they can regulate inflammation, ease acne, and help keep skin supple and young looking as elasticity is preserved.

Green tea
If you can stomach it’s bitterness, green tea can help soothe inflammation, boost your immune system and reduce the amount of pore blocking oils (aka sebum) your skin produces – not bad, hey?

We know this seafood is an acquired taste, but they are zinc rich which is what you need if you suffer from spots. If you really can’t stand them, beef, mushrooms, lamb, pork and pumpkin seeds are also packed with zinc, so it’s worth adding them to your shopping list and seeing if they help you and your skin.

Strawberries aren’t just for Wimbledon. These delicious berries taste fantastic and are an enjoyable source of the vitamin C that is key for healthy, clear skin. Great in smoothies, on top of pancakes or just enjoyed on their own, get some strawberries and keep your skin happy.

If you want great skin, you need to drink around six to eight glasses of water a day as this will stave off the dehydration that makes skin look dry, tired and grey. Have a glass by your bed, keep a bottle (use a recyclable one) with you at all times, and if you work in an office have it on your desk as a constant reminder to drink. You can also have herbal and caffeine-free teas and remember that foods like courgettes and cucumber, also contribute water to your body. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and those high energy fizzy drinks can go as they are packed with sugar and won’t do your skin any good.

When you eat watermelon, nitric oxide is produced which can help spots to heal. You might not know this, but the redder the flesh of the watermelon, the better it is for your skin!

So, what are you waiting for – swap the greasy chips for sweet potatoes and the booze for green tea and watch your skin come to life.

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Last updated on 27/08/2019.

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