Find the Perfect Nail Colour for Your Skin Tone

Find the Perfect Nail Colour for Your Skin ToneUnless you’re like the Queen, who’s worn the same shade of nail polish since 1989, you might like to change your nails on a regular basis. But whether you do your nails yourself or opt for a professional manicure at a salon, you might still be in search of that perfect shade which compliments your skin tone. Well, look no further! To celebrate adding Orly to our brands, which has advanced oxygen technology, allowing oxygen and hydration penetrate to the nail allowing it to stay moisturised, we’re taking a look at the perfect shades for each skin tone.


Pale skin often has cool undertones,which means that pale and pastel shades look great, while darker tones have a tendency to look too bold. Blue-based pinks or reds to brighten up your skin, so we’d recommend that you try Orly Breathable Happy And Healthy or Orly Breathable Pep In Your Step


If you’re naturally golden or have just got back from your holidays and are enjoying a sunkissed glow, lighter shades such as warm, pale shades of brown, light blues, pinks and purples can really accentuate your tan. Orly Breathable Manuka Me Crazy would look fab, but if you want a bit of glitz and glam, Orly Breathable Fairy Godmother would be perfect.


If your skin tone is medium olive or Asian, you’re super lucky in the respect that you can pull-off just about any shade you can think of! We adore the look of white nail varnish against darker skin, so Orly Breathable White Tips would be a good option, but opulent reds like Orly Breathable Beauty Essential will also look amazing.


Dark skin looks best against rich, deep colours like plums and purples, so Orly Breathable Pick Me Up should definitely be on your ‘perfect shade’ list. Rich, deep blood reds like Orly Breathable Namaste Healthy also look phenomenal against dark skin tones. However, if you really want to mix things up a bit, vibrant tones like Orly Breathable TLC and other neons or bright pastels will make a really bold statement against darker skin.

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