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Don’t sweat the small stuff in 2017

We all do it. Sweat the small stuff, let it get into our minds and take over our lives.

In 2017 why not reset your life and focus on what is important and really matters rather than letting the clutter, well clutter things up?

We are talking about both possessions and well as emotions here, as both can have a profound effect on your happiness, well being and success.

We have looked at some easy ways that you can clear out, reassess and move forwards on a clearer path.

Start off with a spring clean of your home. As well as washing down surfaces and floors, clear out your cupboards and drawers and throw out, or give away, anything you no longer need or like. From old pots and pans to tatty tea towels and chipped crockery, sorting the good from the bad is cleansing for the mind and soul.

Go through your wardrobe and sort out the items you wear and those that no longer fit, are out of date and you just don’t like. While they will be taking up space, both in the closet and in your mind if you can’t get into them, you can ill afford to spare, someone else will love the.

Sort out the admin. From updating your address, getting a new passport ordered and checking bank statements and standing orders, making sure your affairs are in working order will free up your mental space.

Take a look in your make-up bag and we are pretty sure you will be a bit surprised at what you find lurking in there. Old mascaras, dirty brushes and dried out lipsticks can call be binned and replaced with new, shiny products that will make you look and feel so much better.

Got a friend who always drags you down even when you are in a great mood? Make 2017 the year you get to grips with friendships and work out the toxic ones and move away. It doesn’t have to be a breakdown in communication altogether but maybe text less, meet in group situations or if you are feeling brave, have a chat about how you are feeling.

Take stock of your social media feeds to find a better balance. Maybe limit your likes and review your Tweets and you will find real life is so much more fun that virtual reality.

Take time out to meditate. We know this is a phrase that is used a lot at the moment but it isn’t just a trend for celebrities. Just ten minutes a day set aside to focus on your breathing and being in the moment can help you take stock of any worries or issues. There are some excellent apps out there to help you focus and of course, you can always join a local group and meet like-minded people at the same time.

Get outside. With screens taking over the world, it is all too easy to become stuck in a rut and spend your life on the sofa. There’s so much on your doorstep to see and do, make plans, wrap up warm and eave the clutter of life on the kitchen table whilst you clear your head.

If your bedroom is a place for peace and quiet, this can have a massive impact on you. Take away the TV and iPad, turn off your phone and make sure you have decent curtains and bedding and treat this as your sanctuary.

You don’t have to do all of this at once, but you will find that as you work through the clutter, everything else will become so much clearer in your life.

Team Pure-Beauty

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