Don’t let your make up age you

Eternal youth is something that many of us strive for. You might think that your make up is helping you to stay young-looking, but sometimes we get it wrong and it actually ages us. We have had a look at how to wear your make up so that it embraces what Mother Nature has given you and makes you look your age, if not a little

Wear the right foundation
As we get older, wearing foundation becomes more important, but you need to get the shade and consistency right. We all have different skin with different needs, so find something that not only gives the right coverage but also offers protection for the sun and added hydration if your skin complexion is dry. Go with a foundation that matches your skin tone, make sure it isn’t too heavy, as this can settle in lines and wrinkles, and if you mix it with a little moisturiser, you will have added comfort for your skin too. Use either a sponge or brush to apply your foundation, rather than your fingers, as this will give a really flawless finish, but remember to wash them on a regular basis to keep them free of bacteria.

Find the right blusher for you
It’s really important to wear the right blusher shade for you – one that compliments your skin tone and doesn’t stand out from the rest your face. Once you have found the perfect colour, counter staff are always happy to help you do this, you need to apply it the right way. The colour should be visible but you don’t want to create lines or stripes as this will look really unnatural.  Using a big, soft, clean brush, take the colour from under your pupils and sweep it along your cheekbones going gently upwards before blending it into your hairline. If you find powder options too drying, try a cream blusher which can help with hydration but still give you the colour you are looking for.

Keep lips light
For many people, wearing a lip liner or lipstick that’s too dark can be ageing. It might be your favourite red, but as you age, have a look at lighter, more neutral lip colours. It is also a good idea to make sure your lip liner isn’t too harsh as this is a dated look and may make lines look more prominent. Try a moisture-rich lipstick, always use a lip balm and remember to take lipstick and liner off at the end of the day.

Ease up on black eyeliner
We know many people love black eyeliner, but there comes a time when those harsh lines need to be softened. Go for a brown gel or pencil and smudge in the colour so you get a softer, classier look.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise
Whatever else you do, always make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturise both morning and evening. This will ensure your skin is clean and hydrated, smooth and nourished and looking great whatever your age. You can add in an exfoliator to ensure dead cells aren’t dulling your complexion, and a serum can add the extra layer of love, so your skin looks dewy and youthful. When you can, treat yourself to a professional facial as this will not only keep your skin looking healthy, but it is a great chance for you to lie back and relax for an hour.

Our best overall tip to stop your make up from ageing you, is to remember to keep things light and natural, and we believe that less is always more.

Team Pure Beauty

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