4 Common Nail Issues and the Causes

4 Common Nail Issues and the Causes
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Very few of us are blessed with perfect nails which grow through strong and even, and many of us have issues with our nails which need extra help. Today, we’re looking at four common nail problems which a lot of people have to deal with, and try to find ways to help:

Splitting Nails

Nails which split are usually caused by dryness and the body’s natural oils being stripped away. This can be caused by constant application and removal of nail polish, use of strong chemicals without gloves (hairdressers, we’re looking at you!) or even just spending a lot of time with your hands in water doing washing up. Give your nails a boost with Elemis Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend and make sure you wear gloves before doing anything harsh with your hands.

Ridged Nails

Ridged nails can look unsightly and you can buff and polish them as much as you like, if you don’t identify the underlying cause they’ll keep growing back. There can be many causes for ridges in your nails, such as eczema, rheumatoid arthritis or even just age, but one of the most common causes is damage to your cuticles by being a little overzealous with removing them. We recommend using something to soften your cuticles, such as Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail Cream and trying to cut back on the amount of trimming you do.

Pitted Nails

If your nails have become pitted, showing signs of what looks like tiny craters in the nail, there could be more to this than meets the eye. Pitting is most often caused by a fungal infection under the nail, and a trip to your doctor or chemist will be needed to get a specialised anti-fungal treatment to get rid of it. Once the infection has gone, the pits will eventually grow out, but you can keep your hands looking great in the meantime by using Jan Marini Bioglycolic Hand and Body Lotion daily.

Yellowing Nails

There are a couple of things which can cause yellowing nails and if you’re a heavy smoker, this is obviously going to be the main one. The tar in cigarettes is notorious for staining your hands (among other horrible health damaging things), and quitting is the only way to prevent this. However, if you’re a non-smoker and still have yellow nails, your nail polish could be the culprit. Reds and pinks often cause yellowing of the nail and if you opt for these colours on a regular basis, this is likely what’s making your nails discolour. Try to use a protective base coat before painting your nails and opt for something other than red or pink to let your nails recover.

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