What to pack for a weekend away

www.pexels.comPacking for a weekend away sounds easy, but it can be a difficult job. Pack too much and you’ll lug loads of luggage around for 48 hours, pack too little and you end up cold and having to buy things to warm you up.

Whether you are jetting off to sunnier climes, visiting family, or heading for a chic city break with the girls, don’t over complicate things, or go over-board, instead opt for a capsule wardrobe. Doing this means you’ll spend more time researching where to go when you are away, than stressing about what to wear when you are there.

Wear trainers
We have come a long, long way with the mere trainer and today there is a huge selection that offer you style and comfort. Stars, leopard print, bright pinks and go faster stripes can be worn to travel in, matched with boyfriend jeans for Saturday afternoons exploring, and added to a midi-dress for a casual dinner in the evening.

Do denim
Whether you go for jeans, dungarees, dress or a skirt, be sure to pack denim for your trip. They can be worn to go for breakfast, are warm if the sun doesn’t come out and if plans change, denim can be dressed up, or down in seconds to match the moment.

Wear the trousers
A loose-fitting pair of jersey or linen trousers, with pockets, are ideal for travelling in and it’s here your trainers will first come into play. The same trousers can be worn for strolls and chilling out during your time away.

Layer up
We know we said to travel light, and one way you can achieve this, is to layer cotton tops as you pack. From pretty camisoles and vests, to t-shirts (long and short sleeved) and cardigans, they are light-weight, easy to pack and if you go for a range of staple colours, you can keep warm and look great wherever you are, and whoever you are with.

Dress it up
We have mentioned this already, but a dress is super versatile and at least one must be packed, in our opinion. A simple, but elegant shirt style or maxi dress can be worn with white trainers or ankle boots and if you add a classic red lip and put up your hair, you have glamour that is barely there.

A heel or two
As well as your trainers, we would suggest you take one other pair of shoes (flip flops don’t count as they easily slip into any bag). Courts, wedges or a heeled boot will add an instant wow factor to any outfit, so pack them and you won’t regret it.

The jacket
When it comes to a jacket, choose something that will go with as many outfit options as possible. A classic leather biker or a fitted denim number are both perfect and if it’s cold, add one of those layers we mentioned or go for a retro hoodie if you want a whole new look.

Wrap up
A pretty scarf can keep you warm on the journey, add colour to black and even be used as a sarong on the beach. One item, winning many ways.

As for the rest
Go for a universal travel adapter, phone charger, sunglasses, microfiber travel towel, travel-sized toiletries, three sets of underwear, and a book and pack them in an oversized tote that will take you from the airport to the pool.

Keep your wallet, cash, travel documents and passport safe, and don’t forget to have a brilliant time while you are away.

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