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Pack like a pro

We don’t about you, but while we love going on holiday the thought of packing fills us with dread.

From knowing how many dresses to take, what bikini goes with what kaftan and just how many pairs of shoes are enough, getting your case sorted and into the car be totally exhausting.

Fear not, we have come up with some ideas that will take the stress out of packing so all you need to think about it is whether you are going to sip a margarita or a mojito beside the pool.

Before you do anything else, make sure you put your passport, tickets, booking details and any other paperwork are put together in a plastic folder in your hand luggage. This means it is safe and you know exactly where it is rather than getting lost between T-shirts and skirts, or even worse being left on the kitchen table. It is also a good idea to photocopy or take a picture of these documents and email them to yourself so you have copies if things don’t go to plan.

Don’t over do it
If you are going away for a week, don’t take enough underwear for a month. Take items that you love, that fit well and go for pretty shoes and accessories that will take even the simplest shirt dress from pool to party.

Plan your outfits
Think about what you are really going to wear and as much as you can, plan your outfits. You might find that one simple jersey dress in three colours can be matched with pretty flip-flops for the beach and an ‘on trend’ espadrille for when the sun goes down? If you do need a jacket or wrap for the evenings, wear it while you are travelling and this will save space in your suitcase and double up as an inflight blanket.

Product placement
Be clever with your packing if you want to save space. Put rolled up socks in your shoes, pack light coloured clothes inside out so they don’t get stained and layer carrier bags on the bottom of your case for laundry.

With liquid quotas in hand luggage constantly changing, don’t risk your favourite perfume or expensive sun creams being confiscated before you even reach duty-free. Put your washbag at the top of your case in a plastic bag to prevent foundation spillages on silk dresses and check lids are on tight. This makes everything easy to find on arrival which really helps on early or late flights when you are tired and grumpy. For anything you are taking through security, measure it out and put it in a clear plastic bag as required.

Fold things up
Marie Kondo recommends you fold your clothing at home and we suggest you adopt the same method when packing a case. Go for light items that won’t crease easily, roll or fold them, taking out the air, and pack in order. By doing this, not only will you have more room in your case, you will also be able to see what’s been packed and you’ll spot your favourite dress in a flash.

Keep shoes separate
You might usually slide your trainers down the side of your case and pop a pump next you your pjs, but don’t. Think about where your shoes have been and rather than mix and match them with your smalls, put them in a separate bag on top of your clothes, even spraying a little perfume to keep them smelling sweet.

Double check your stuff
Once your bag is packed, go through it one last time taking out anything you know you won’t wear – like the heels that simply won’t see the light of day during a walking holiday in Scotland.

Happy packing and even happier holidays.

Team Pure Beauty

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