How to complete ‘Dry January’

Over the past few years, Dry January, has become ‘a thing’ and one that is gathering momentum.

Just to give you an overview, Dry January is an annual event where thousands of people give up alcohol for the first month of the year.

While January is a tough month already, the idea of abstaining from booze is that it gives participants the opportunity to ditch the hangovers, lose some weight, save cash, raise money for a charity close to their hearts and think about their relationship with alcohol.

If you have taken on the challenge then we have got some ideas of how you can stay dry all January and even carry on the good habits for the rest of the year.

Get a buddy
If possible, don’t go alone during Dry January. Rope in your husband, boyfriend, flatmate, sister or work colleagues and you can deal with all you have taken on, together.

Find alternatives
Whether it is water, squash, mint tea or mixers minus the gin, find something to replace your favourite tipple from the word go.

Take up a new sport
We aren’t saying everyone who drinks, doesn’t exercise, but taking up a new sport could do you the world of good and remove temptation from your path. Running, cycling, rowing or even a dance class could work well and give you a new lease of life outside of your beloved wine glass.

Step away from the pub
If you usually go to the pub after work a few times a week, you might want to take a different route home. We know you don’t want to lose your best mate, but maybe a weekly trip to the cinema, going to a yoga class or simply having a hot bath and early night will take away the temptation to have ‘just one’.

Keep busy
Without a cold beer in your hand to take your mind off the worries of life, it is key to keep busy in January. Keep busy. Whether you take to calling friends, writing to your grandma, cleaning the house or doing the weekly shop in-store, rather than on-line as you sip your drink, do it.

Snack the healthy way
Just like giving up smoking, keeping away from the wine can lead to you to bingeing on box sets while eating blocks of chocolate and family size bags of crisps. Healthy snacks such as energy balls, home-made popcorn, carrot sticks, almonds, cashews and bananas are so much better for you, and between those and the exercise you might drop a dress size too.

Treat yourself
If you are giving some up you actually really quite like, it is important to treat yourself and acknowledge you are doing well. With the money you are saving you could have a manicure, fancy haircut or afford to buy that fab bag you have been looking at for months.

Talk about it
Tell your friends how well you are doing when you see them, put updates on your social media feeds and when you are at the water cooler, rather than sharing your drunken weekend antics you can tell colleagues how much progress you have made.

Don’t binge in February
When the end of the month does come, don’t run straight to your local watering hole and drink all you can. We aren’t saying never drink again but keep a diary over the month so you can see the changes you have enjoy (no hangovers, more energy, money in the bank the day before payday) and work out if you actually do need the crutch you thought you could never give up.

If you are doing Dry January, well done, keep it up and good luck from all of us.

Team Pure-Beauty

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