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How to change your look by changing your hairstyle

With no sign of summer reaching our shores anytime soon, our maxi dresses and cute flip-flops will have to stay in the wardrobe for a little bit longer, but it is easy to update your look by changing your hairstyle.

We have had a look at some simple, easy but effective ways to stay bang on trend, even in the depths of winter.

Super sleek
Sleek, straight, shiny hair is a sure sign of looking good and it works a treat in all seasons. They key to this look is to blow-dry wet hair so that it is totally straight, and you do this by using the nozzle facing downwards on your hair. Once your hair is dry, you can make it super straight and extra shiny by using straighteners and this will also add extra sleekness. If you are going for the wow factor, then we would suggest you use a hair oil, serum or shine spray and not only will these iron out any frizzy bits, but they will also give your hair extra gloss.

Wave away
Waves never go out of fashion and they always scream ‘old school Hollywood glam’, which is perfect for Oscar season! To perfect this look you might need some practise, but using curling tongs with a large barrel wand is the key to creating large, loose, natural looking waves. Once you have worked your way around your hair, you can then use a soft brush, or your fingers, to pull the waves out if you want a more relaxed look. You can use hair oil for a gorgeous shine, hairspray will fix your waves in place and a little Coco Chanel will add something extra special.

The ponytail
Far from being something only for work or the gym, a ponytail can look effortlessly stylish and super chic especially when teamed with statement earrings and a gorgeous dress. To create your ponytail, gather back all your hair and secure with a hair band at the nape of your neck. Using dry shampoo is a brilliant way to add hold your hair if it is fine, and if you want to keep things in place, a couple of grips give you added security, but use ones that match your hair colour as best you can. To keep the look soft and natural, pull some pieces of hair out of the ponytail to frame your face and give you a pretty finish.

Go for curls
Even the straightest hair can be made curly, and this could be the change you need to update your look. While tongs and straighteners can be used for curl creation, our money is on heated rollers if you want big, bouncy curls that look fantastic. Volumising spray is your friend for this look, so add it to each section of hair before curling up in the roller, then keep it in place with a hair pin. Once all your hair is up in rollers, leave them in for around 15 minutes, then take out and watch the curls cascade around your face. You can use a wide toothed comb to gently separate the curls and then if you add hairspray, not only will it keep everything in place, but it will give an extra shine too.

Change your colour
With so many products on the market, changing the colour of your locks is one way to instantly change your look. With permanent, semi-permanent and wash in options, the world is your oyster, you simply have to decide whether you want to be brunette, blond or even blue?

Beehive glam
The Brigitte Bardot inspired beehive is a classic look that oozes elegance and style. A hair dryer and rollers are key to getting this look, along with a round barrel brush, pins and hairspray. Add some mouse to damp hair, them dry with the brush, taking your hair upwards and away from your scalp to create the height you need for a beehive. Once dry, put in a few rollers for extra volume, and leave them in until they are dry. Yes, this takes time but once the hair is free you can backcomb it and start to put the hair up, securing with pins as you go. You need lots of spray to keep this look in place, and you with this done, you will be ready to go and knock them out with this winning look.

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Last updated on 30/01/2019.

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