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Happy Holiday Hacks

You have been waiting to get away from it ever since you sat at your desk in January, so if you want to make the most out of your summer holiday, we have some happy holiday hacks that we hope will ensure everything is smooth sailing.

Sounds so obvious but if you are travelling abroad, just double-check your passport to ensure it is up to date and you can actually leave home shores? There is nothing worse that turning up at T5 only to be told you cannot board your plane. If you find that things aren’t as you hoped, check in with the Passport Customer Service Centre and get an appointment somewhere close to you, fast.

In a similar vein, whether they are electronic or paper versions, ensure you have your tickets safe in one place so you are ready to go.

If you are going to the airport, or need transfers when you land, book these in advance and remember to shop around for the best prices.  Give your flight details to the company because there is nothing worse than being ready to jump in the pool and have your first G&T but you can’t because there are another 200 people waiting for a cab and yours hasn’t turned up or your flight was delayed and your driver has gone.

Duty Free
If you are going to stock up on your favourite treats, do it once you have cleared customs and this way you won’t go over weight on an already bulging case full of bikinis and flip-flops.

It’s All About the Money
Yes, take some cash with you, but don’t empty your account before you travel. Instead take your debit card with you and use this to make a few large withdraws rather than lots of little ones as the charges can really add up. If you are going to spend over £100 in one go, use a credit card as this gives you added security but you might want to let your provider know you are travelling aboard so they don’t think there is any untoward payments being made.

Take Out Insurance 
We all like to think we will be safe when we are away, but we think it is better to be safe that sorry. Always take out an insurance policy that will protect you and your belongings and as well as packing the documentation in your hand luggage, store emails on your phone just to be 100% certain you know where the details are if you need them.

While a dodgy tummy and a little sunburn can come with holiday territory, you don’t want anything more severe, so just check whether you need any jabs before you go – especially if you are going on a cruise or backpacking and visiting many different places during one trip.

Take Your Cream
We all know what we like, so take your favourite, tried and tested sun cream with you. Yes, you can buy it when you arrive, but it would be a shame for an allergic reaction to spoil your break for the sake of wrapping the bottle in a plastic bag and layering between your swimsuit and sarong. The same goes for your moisturisers, eyes creams and serums too, because if you stick with what you know, you know what to expect.

Phone, camera, iPad, we all have some many devices these days but unless you are true to one brand all the time, one charger probably won’t fit all. Make sure you take the right charger for the right products, and adapters are a good idea too, unless of course you are planning to go on a digital detox and let’s face it, that isn’t a bad idea at all.

Once you arrive at your holiday destination, kick back, relax and enjoy a well-earned break!

Team Pure-Beauty

Last updated on 17/07/2018.

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