Give the Perfect Massage for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day MassageValentine’s Day is fast approaching and minds will be turning to what we can do for the ones we love. Buying lavish gifts of roses and chocolates is all very well, but taking the time to do things for one another is far more original and thoughtful. Helping your other half to relax and unwind with a personal massage is a lovely thing to do on Valentine’s Day, but there’s an art to getting it just right, so we thought we’d share some tips on how to make your massage a success.

Take a Warm Bath

Ask your partner to take a warm bath while you set up the room. This will give you a chance to get everything in place whilst they get clean and warmed up. Add a little Decleor Relax Intense Relaxing Shower Oil to the bath to aid relaxation and soften the skin.


No-one wants to strip down in a cold room, and let’s face it; February is cold in most of the Northern Hemisphere! Make sure you put the heating on for a while or even better, give the massage in front of a roaring fire.

Set the Mood

Being able to relax whilst receiving a massage can really depend on your surroundings and asking your loved one to lay amongst discarded Legos while the kids bicker in the other room isn’t going to help anyone! Make sure you’ve got the house to yourselves (or the kids are in bed), light some candles and put on some relaxing music.

Use the Right Products

Choosing the right massage oil is really important – you’ll want something like Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil, which contains the right blend of essential oils which help to relieve stress and tension in the muscles. Warm the oil gently in your hands before applying it to the person on the receiving end.

Think About Your Hands

Massage is one of those things which looks easy to do but can actually be slightly tricky to get right. Don’t apply too much pressure but don’t tickle the receiver either! Use moderate pressure and long, sweeping strokes down limbs and across the back. Also, use different parts of your hands for different things – fingertips create direct pressure in areas of tension, while palms and even forearms can knead and sweep.


At the end of the day, massage is personal – what you think is too much pressure may be too little or vice versa. Communicate with your partner in a gentle voice to make sure that it feels good at all times and you’ll be on to a winner!

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