Decleor – Our Ranges Explained!

If you’re looking for a product for a specific skin issue then Decleor will almost certainly have something for you. However, we know how busy most of our customers are so we thought we’d give you a quick run-down of what our most popular ranges are for, to help you to save time and get through to the checkout in record speed!

Decleor Hydra Floral

Decleor Multi-Protection BB Cream SPF15 Medium

This range from Decleor, which includes serums, moisturisers and BB creams with an added SPF, is the first collection which contains products which protect and moisturise for 24 hours. The Neroli Essential Serum is a particular favourite from this range as it has won multiple awards and contains a number of pure essential oils which soothe, smooth and rehydrate the skin for a full day at a time.

Decleor Aroma Lisse

Decleor 2-In-1 Dark Circle and Eye Wrinkle Eraser

This is a range which is developed specifically for use by women in their thirties, where the skin is no longer in that ‘teenage/early twenties’ stage, but is still too young for intense anti-aging products. There are products such as Decleor 2-In-1 Dark Circle and Eye Wrinkle Eraser which combat fine lines and the early signs of aging, as well as smoothing creams, serums and night creams.

Decleor Life Radiance

Decleor Double Radiance Scrub

The Life Radiance collection is comprised of products dedicated to improving the radiance of your face and increasing the brightness of your skin. The Double Radiance Scrub is a gentle moisturiser which removes layers of dull, dead skin and when used in unison with the mask and cream in the range will leave your face looking more radiant than ever.

Decleor Excellence De L’Age

Decleor Regenerating Eye and Lip Cream

As the name would suggest, the Excellence De L’Age range is designed for skin which is showing the advanced signs of aging. The Regenerating Eye and Lip Cream is a very powerful formula which targets the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth and actively plumps the skin to reduce deep wrinkles. It also includes serums, dark spot reduing creams, night creams and other powerful allies against the signs of aging.

Decleor Slim Effect

Decleor Slim Effect Draining Massage Balm

One of our most popular ranges from Decleor, the Slim Effect collection contains products which work to reduce the appearance of cellulite and water retention. The Slim Effect Draining Massage Balm is a fabulous product which needs to be massaged into areas of cellulite and excess water and will actually help to decongest saturated tissues and smooth skin with an orange-peel appearance.

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