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The perfect pedicure at home

The nights are getting lighter, the wind is dying down and temperatures are starting to rise. With spring in the air it won’t be long before sandals and flip flops are in the shops and if you want to wear them you will need to start looking after your feet again.

Whilst it is lovely to go to a salon or spa for a treatment, most of us can’t do it every week, but you will be surprised at just how easy, and satisfying, it is to keep your feet looking perfect and pretty all summer long.

The first step is to buff the skin on your feet when they are dry, not wet, to shift dead skin. Go for a sturdy foot file that has two grains: coarse and fine. Starting with the coarser grain to file calluses, then use the fine grain side to smooth.

During this process, focus on the heels, balls of feet and edges of toes that will have spent the winter in thick socks and boots.

Next fill a bowl, or the bath, with warm water. You can keep it simple and plain or add a sprinkling of Epsom salts or a squirt of your facial cleaners or soap. The main thing is to sit back and let your feet soak for around ten minutes whilst you relax.

Take your feet out of the bath and massage them briskly with a foot scrub. Doing this will ensure you have removed as much dead skin as possible. There are some fantastic products on the markets, go for natural ones that will help protect the skin and keep it feeling soft and smooth. Once you are done rinse your feet clean in luke warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

It is important to ensure your toes are totally dry before you gently ease back the cuticles using a clean cuticle stick. Make sure you don’t push them to far as this can cause pain and it is a good idea to rub in a little oil to keep this area healthy and hydrated.

When it comes to cutting your toenails we suggest you cut straight across using clean nail clippers. It is better to cut bit by bit rather than tackling the whole nail at once, as this could cause it to break and weaken the nail.

Gently round the edges of your toenails with a file so they are smooth and look good.

Once this is done, massage your feet with a foot lotion to lock in moisture and keep them silky smooth.

If you want to ramp things up and go ‘luxe’ then apply foot lotion before you go to bed, put on some soft socks and you’ll wake up with your transformed feet.

The final step, and this is optional, is to add a pop of colour. If you have used foot cream, wipe this from the nail area with cotton wool. To protect your nails, and to get a professional finish, start with a base coat followed by two layers of polish and finish with a protective, shiny topcoat.

Once your in the habit of taking care of your feet, you won’t forget and you’ll probably start to look forward to sitting down and pampering yourself once a week all year round.

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