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Clinicare Facials

Clinicare Facials



Clinicare Black Tie Facial (for Gents)

A result orientated facial that will leave skin looking brighter, firmer and re-hydrated after just one treatment, with a healthy glow lasting up to 48 hours.
Per Treatment£75.00(60 mins)

Clinicare Cinderella Facial

Restore radiance with re-hydrated, plumped and smoother skin with a natural luminosity lasting up to 48 hours!
Per Treatment£65.00(60 mins)

Clinicare Classic Facial

Is a targeted treatment plan which can be tailored to your individual needs.
Per Treatment£45.00(45 mins)

Clinicare “The Glow” Brightening Facial

A brightening facial that targets hyperpigmentation and evens out skin tone using active ingredients such as Vitamin C, which improves the skin’s natural defences while boosting radiance.
Per Treatment£52.50(45 mins)

Clinicare Pure Treatment

Skin rejuvenating, purifying and moisturising anti-inflammation treatment. Suitable for combination skins and irritated skins, with or without acne problems.
Per Treatment£60.00(60 mins)

Clinicare Refesh Treatment

Skin rejuvenating and moisturising anti-ageing, lifting and anti-wrinkle treatment.
Per Treatment£60.00(60 mins)

Clinicare Carboxytherapy Treatment

Non-Invasive Carboxytherapy is a treatment during which carbon dioxide (CO2) is infused into the skin to encourage an increased flow of oxygen. Within several days after the treatment there is an increased natural distribution of oxygen in the places of application, a completely new microcirculation is created, lymphoid drainage is increased and in this way skin regeneration is achieved in a natural way.
Per Treatment£70.00(60 mins)

Clinicare Facial Peels

Specialist peels are a minimally invasive way to resurface the skin and trigger healing and can assist with the treatment of many skin concerns. We will discuss your main concerns and select the ingredients most effective at treating these concerns. Peels can be performed as a one off treatment, but for best results, a course is usually recommended. Concerns that can be treated include; pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, congestion, dullness and dehydration, amongst other skin concerns.
Glow Facial Peel£80.00(60 mins)
Pure Facial Peel£80.00(60 mins)
Refresh Facial Peel£80.00(60 mins)
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Prices effective 24/05/2023.

Last updated on 27/11/2023.