Decleor Facials

Decleor Facial Treatments

Decleor’s holistic facials are famous worldwide for their heavenly feel and simply stunning results. Every treatment begins with their unique diagnostic back massage which will give a deeply serene sense of comfort for you and is a wonderful insight for your therapist into your overall state of well being. The 100% pure, preservative-free essential oils address the demands of every single skin type to leave your complexions balanced, comforted and glowing with health.

Decleor Ultimate Vitamin Glow

Power-packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, this award winning facial melts away stress. Combines a rebalancing Essential Oil elixir plus warm, decongesting mask for skin that’s purified, perfectly replenished and glowing
Suitable for all Skin Types and tailored to your skin’s needs
Each Treatment £47.00 (75 mins)

Decleor Moisture Quench

This super-hydrating facial quenches the thirstiest skin. Includes gentle exfoliation, to smooth then a nutrient-rich mask to intensively rehydrate for skin that’s supple and cashmere soft.

Suitable for Dehydrated Skin Types

Each Treatment £52.00 (75 mins)

Decleor Oxygenating Pure and Matt

For instant clarity on dull, devitalised skin, this antibacterial and mattifying facial treats spots and shine. Includes Aquatic Plant Powers and an oxygenating power mask for a brighter and shine- free complexion that’s simply flawless.

Suitable for Oily and Breakout Prone Skin Types

Each Treatment £53.00 (75 mins)

Decleor Intense Nutrition

By cocooning skin in deliciously nourishing Essential Oils and active nutrients, this facial comforts, renews and restores .Ultra-nourishing to feed dull, dry, exposed skin, in transforms complexions to radiant and satin smooth.

Suitable for Dry Skin Types

Each Treatment £53.00 (75 mins)

Decleor Harmonie Calm

Acting like a calming comfort blanket, this blissful treatment relieves stressed, angry skin. Power-packed with skin strengthening Essential Oils and including a skin-perfecting peel-off mask, it works immediately for clear, soothed and resilient skin.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin Types

Each Treatment £53.00 (75 mins)

Decleor Moisture Bright

Working on pigmentation and uneven skin tone through a soft focus lens, this illuminating facial dramatically restores radiance. Using advanced Vitamin c technology and a precision plant power mask, skin is left glowing and beautifully even.

Suitable for Hyper-Pigmentation Skin Types

Each Treatment £53.00 (75 mins)

Decleor Hyaluronic Acid Wrinkle Resist

The secret to eternal youth! Using hyaluronic acid – one of the most effective anti-ageing ingredients – plus powerful youth-boosting botanicals, this pampering facial intensively targets lines and wrinkles. This potent wrinkle-smoothing mask is packed with antioxidants and galangal extract to lift, plump and firm while gentle exfoliation refines skin texture. Offering dramatic and immediate results, expression lines and wrinkles are smoothed to ensure skin looks luminous

Suitable for Prematurely Ageing Skin Types (30+ Years of Age)

Each Treatment £56.00 (75 mins)

Decleor Yoga Lift

Energising but luxurious, specialised massage helps recharge skin tissues while an indulgent, collagen-rich mask infuses the complexion with skin-plumping nutrients. The skin’s natural renewal process is kick-started for firmer, radiant skin. The result? A flawless and youthful you.

Suitable for Prematurely Ageing Skin Types (40+ Years of Age)

Each Treatment £62.00 (75 mins)
Course of 3 Treatments £160.00 (75 mins)

Decleor Orexcellence Facial Pilates

Inspired by pilates, this treatment delivers a natural lift to the face, whilst helping reshape the contours of the facial muscles with a re-cushioning effect. The skin is left flawless and glowing with a rosy youthfulness.

Suitable for Prematurely Ageing Skin Types (50+ Years of Age)

Each Treatment £68.00 (75 mins)
Course of 3 Treatments £180.00 (75 mins)
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