How to cut down on your plastic

www.pexels.comNot a day goes by without the media reporting on the wide-spread problem of plastics clogging landfills, polluting seas and killing wildlife. While you might not think that you can personally do anything to change the situation, the reality is, if we all make small changes, it could have a big impact.

We know that plastic is used everywhere and in everything, but we’ve had a look at some easy ways you can reduce your plastic usage, and help to make a difference to the planet we all want to protect.

Bag for Life
Reusable bags for life are the way to go and such an easy way to make a difference. With a 10p cost attached to most bags, use the ones you have and remember to take your own bags when you go shopping.

Drinking Straws
Don’t use plastic straws. Either go for paper or steel options, or you could just cut them out altogether – simples.

Household Products
When you buy your household products, like washing powder and dishwasher tablets, go for ones that come in boxes rather than bottles because cardboard is generally more easily recycled than plastic. It is always worth looking at ways you can reuse any packaging you do have, using them as storage containers for example. To save money and unnecessary packaging, buy food like fruit and veg as nature intended, and keep the plastic wrappings down.

Shop Local 
Shopping locally will not only keep your fuel usage down because you won’t need the car, but you can ask your green grocer, butcher and baker to wrap fresh produce in paper bags and then walk or cycle home.

Coffee Cups
When you buy a take-away coffee, take your travel mug with you so you don’t need to use a paper cup and plastic lid that will then be thrown away.

Water Bottles
The same goes with water – forget the single use bottles when you can, and instead buy a pretty reusable bottle that you can refill on the go, time and time again.

As we are talking about drinks, rather than buying endless plastic containers of juice and smoothies, invest in a blender and make them fresh. Take a banana, handful of berries, an apple and a kiwi, and you have a delicious drink with no waste and no plastic to throw away either.

Food for Thought 
Think about the frozen foods you are buying. Many come in plastic packaging, and even the cardboard boxes, often have a thin plastic coating. Buy fresh food when you can, batch cook and freeze meals for the week rather than throwing anything away, and you will not only cut down on processed foods in your diet, but keep your plastic wastage down too. If you take your lunch to work, put your sandwiches in a reusable container, and take warm food in a flask with your own cutlery, there’s simply no need for plastic knives and forks in this day and age.

If you have babies and toddlers, think about using cloth nappies rather than disposable ones. This will cut down on rubbish, and save you money too.

When you do have rubbish to throw away, make sure you recycle as much as possible and remember that together we can make a difference.

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