Eradicate Acne with Our Pimple Perfecting Tips

Eradicate Acne with Our Pimple Perfecting Tips
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Acne and pimples can be really difficult to live with, affecting your confidence and leaving you in pain in some severe cases. This time of year, which is a time of new beginnings at school, college and university, can leave us feeling down about less-than-perfect skin, so we thought we’d pull together some of the best tips for keeping your pimples under control.

To Squeeze or Not to Squeeze

We know that the temptation to squeeze spots can sometimes be overwhelming and if you’ve got a noticeable pimple with a yellow head on it, the last thing you want to do is to leave it there for all to see. If you must squeeze, we recommend doing so using two clean cotton buds, as this will minimise the risk of scarring and bacteria transfer from nails which may harbour dirt. Popping a little Dermalogica Emergency Spot Fix will also help to reduce inflammation and kill any spot-causing bacteria.

Keep Your Face Clean

There’s a really annoying assumption that people with acne aren’t clean and we know that isn’t the case at all. There are, however, special face washes for people with acne to kill the specific bacteria which causes acne, such as Dermalogica Foaming Wash. It’s designed to cleanse acne-prone skin without causing further irritation to already sensitised skin and clears trapped oil to help wipe out existing and future breakouts.

Don’t Forget to Moisturise

When your skin is acne-prone, it’s usually pretty oily too, which makes it seem like adding more moisture to the skin could be damaging. However, acneic skin is often really out of balance and produces extra oil because it thinks it’s too dry. Using a balancing moisturiser like Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion, which contains oil-absorbing microsponges, will soothe and moisturise irritated skin whilst controlling oil production all day.

Use a Long-Acting Treatment

People with acne-prone skin, often report waking up with more spots than they went to bed with, so using an overnight treatment which will work on your skin while you sleep will give you a better chance of waking up without new breakouts. Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel is designed to clear congested skin and prevent future blackouts, as well as unclogging pores and reducing irritation.

Mask Up

Masks are great for acne as they allow you to do several things with one product. Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque will soothe the skin, soak up excess sebum, purify the skin to prevent future breakouts, clears congested follicles to minimise development of future comedones and breakouts, and even encourages the skins own ability to kill bacteria. It’s a must-have treatment for all sufferers of acne and breakouts.

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