Jan Marini Peels

We are afraid that we are no longer offering these treatments.

Jan Marini 40% Glycolic Peels

Simple, safe, non invasive and unbelievably effective – Jan Marini Skin Research Glycolic Peels are a fabulous route to improving the condition of your skin without the need to take time off work or play. Representing the very best pioneering technological advances in skin care, the Glycolic Peels work in conjunction with the award winning Jan Marini Skin Care Management System.

Jan Marini Peel Consultation

Before any Jan Marini 40% Glycolic Peels can be carried a full and thorough consultation must be carried out by one of our trained therapists to ensure that the peels are suitable and beneficial for you.
Each Consultation Free

Jan Marini Skin Care Management System

Anyone who wishes to undergo a glycolic peel must first be placed on an appropriate Jan Marini Skin Care Management System, using glycolic acid based products for at least two weeks prior to the first peel and also during the course of peels.

The Jan Marini Skin Care Management System consists of a selection of products which will introduce your skin to glycolic acid (at much lower percentages than the peels) and will be most important as part of the overall glycolic peel procedure. A sun screen product is always included in the Skin Care Management System.

Each Skin Care Management System £166.00

Express Jan Marini Facial

This treatment is designed to nourish the skin and leave you with a healthy glow. It will help lift, tighten and tone, the skin which will appear hydrated, rejuvenated, nourished and free from toxins. Although this is one of our quickest facial treatments, there is no compromise in the quality of results given the combination of products used.
Each Treatment £32.00 (45 mins)

Jan Marini 40% Glycolic Resurfacing Peel

Suitable for: All skin types – Addresses Sun Damage, Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Enlarged Follicles, Acne, Coarse Texture and Hyper-pigmentation
This treatment clarifies skin texture, minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fades the appearance of discolouration to even skin tone, and assists in resolving acne.

As part of the treatment we will be adding a Neck and Shoulder Massage and a Hand and Arm Massage.

Each Treatment £45.00 (45 mins)
Course of 6 Treatments (includes FREE Skin Care Management System Kit) £265.00 (45 mins)
Please ensure that you refer to the following policies prior to making an appointment:   Prices effective 01/07/2020.

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