Aesthetic Treatments by Rangemore Aesthetics

We are afraid that we are no longer offering these treatments.
Rangemore Aesthetics at Pure Beauty Lichfield

Rachel’s aim is to create subtle, natural results with an artistic flare to enhance beauty and confidence. This can be achieved by a thorough consultation along with the greatest products suited to the individual through a holistic patient centred approach.

Anti-Aging Injections

This popular treatment is especially to reduce and soften fine lines and static lines to create a smoother and youthful appearance. The treatment lasts for 12 weeks on average.

Areas that can be injected include the crows, forehead, frown lines, mental crease, bunny lines, gummy smile correction, eye brow lifts. It will take 3 – 10 days to work and you will see lines soften as the skin begins to glow.

1 Area £200.00 (30 mins)
2 Areas £220.00 (30 mins)
3 Areas £250.00 (30 mins)

Lip Fillers

Contouring, volume and correcting asymmetry can be achieved with adding dermal fillers to the lips to create a hydrated and plump look yet remaining natural in  appearance. The lip fillers last approximately 12 months and are instantly effective. 1ml is recommended initially. The lips will be numbed with local anaesthetics  beforehand and dermal filler with anaesthetic is applied to reduce discomfort.
Per Treatment 1ml £250.00 (30 mins)

Cheek Fillers

Whether you would like a greater volume or definition, this can be achieved with specifically placing of dermal fillers to create a natural and beautiful profile. The fillers are specifically chosen for the individual depending on their needs. The results are instant and last approximately 12 months.
Per Treatment 1ml £250.00 (30 mins)

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

This procedure is minimal discomfort and lasts approx. 12 – 15 months. Depending on the required outcome for the patient a special dermal filler is applied to the nose at several points to create a straight and more desired appearance. Many clients go for a supra tip break to create a feminine look along with greater profiling finish. The results are instant and often life changing. It is a great alternative to surgery.
Per Treatment £400.00 (30 mins)

Tear Trough Treatment

This very popular procedure has immediate results and very little discomfort, patients can-not even feel the filler has been placed. It is designed to reduce the dark hollows and reduce the tired look where people’s reactions are often how astonished they look instantly with no under eye darkness. There is minimal bruising and takes as little as ten minutes. It will last 12 months on average.
Per Treatment £400.00 (45 mins)

Jawline Contouring

Reducing jowls and defining the jawline has become very popular for men and women wanting a greater defined profile. This procedure takes approximately 30 minutes with minimal discomfort and immediate results lasting 12 – 15 months. A specially selected filler is placed to the jawline with a cannula to create a perfect finish.
Per Treatment £1000.00 – £1200.00 (45 mins)

Nasolabial and Marionette Lines

By using specially selected dermal fillers e can reduce the lines from the nose to the mouth and marionette lines to create a more youthful and fresh look. This is created by carefully placing the filler to the areas where fine lines and static lines may exist, where the results are instant and will last approximately 12 months
Per Treatment 1ml £250.00 (30 mins)