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How to beat Christmas cabin fever

Christmas all about fun and food, family and friends, but it can also be a time for frustration and dare we say it, www.pexels.comirritation if cabin fever sets in. There is no doubt that if you spend a whole week stuck in the house stuffing Quality Street and drinking your body weight in cocktails, things could be anything other than festive. We believe that with a little planning, a good time can be had by all, and we have some tips that we hope will make this a very happy Christmas

Start the day the right way
While you might fancy cold pizza and Pringles for breakfast, this really isn’t going to do your mood, waistline or skin any good. Sensible maybe, but a bowl of porridge, made with semi-skimmed milk and topped with blueberries, scrambled eggs with rye toast or a vitamin bursting green smoothie with oats and spinach, will all set you up for the day ahead, and keep your patience levels in place too. During the day, don’t just snack on junk, but eat good, healthy meals and this will, we promise, keep you feeling bright and shiny just like the lights on your tree.

Have a shower
You might want to slob out in your PJs but we promise that having a shower, cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin, and putting on fresh clothes will make you feel in better spirits, even if you do have a hangover from the champagne the night before.

Go for a Walk
Walking might not bring you out in a sweat, but it is a pretty good way to get some mood boosting exercise out in the fresh air and away from any disagreements over the washing up. Grab your trainers, take the dog, close the front door, and as you walk, you’ll burn off some of those Christmas calories and those feel-good endorphins will get to work and make you feel happy – we hope!

Play a game
We aren’t talking X-Box here. Step away from screens and instead, get everyone together for an afternoon of old-fashioned board game fun. Scrabble will put the brain cells to work that have been resting over the Christmas break, Monopoly will bring out that competitive streak in you and good old snakes and ladders is a crowd pleaser everyone can enjoy. Why not try this in 2018 and we think it will fast become a tradition you carry on year after year because it brings people together and makes them feel good.

Don’t just put everything straight in the bin! Sort out the wrapping paper and cardboard that can be recycled, as well as the bottles and cans and take a walk to the local recycle centre. Not only will this keep things out of the landfill, but it will also give you a reason to get out of the house and get some fresh air. You can apply the same principles to any unwanted gifts, as well as anything that is gathering dust in your home, and take it all along to a charity shop – exercise and a serving of feeling good, what’s not to like?

Shake it out
Going to a party? Don’t just sit and chat with your family and friends, get up on the dance floor and strut your stuff to Kylie and Bieber. Dancing, just like walking, is a good way to clear a few calories and you will be amazed at the slight ache in your calves the next day after a good old boogie.

Set your limits
There is no doubt that alcohol can bring your mood down, so why not take a break for a day or two over the festive period? Leave the beer and wine in the fridge, go for water, herbal teas and mocktails and you may feel better for it as you become rehydrated and the toxins are flushed away.

Whatever you do, have a very happy Christmas.

Team Pure Beauty

Last updated on 30/12/2018.

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